Ascenso chooses the Provana Group to test its products

In the past weeks Carlini Gomme, an Italian tyre wholesaler, announced the exclusive distribution of both OTR and Agro products made by Ascenso, a brand which is owned by the Indian business Mahansaria Tyre Private Limited.

The Mahansaria Family is a founder of Ascenso Tyres, and this brand was launched in the year 2020. Till July,2023 the brand has launched total SKUs of 500+ sizes.

Alongside the sales agreement with Carlini, official tyre distributor in Italy, Ascenso asked the Provana Group to organize among its facilities some comparative tests. The tests compared the 710/70R42 and 600/70R30 sizes of the Ascenso product XLR 880 to the tyres of two business leaders within the agro sector (the Load Index of all the rear tyres was 173D): different field tests (soil compaction, slippage and self-cleaning along with Comfort and handling) were made with a particular focus on both traction and fuel consumption.

The tests of the Provana Group for Ascenso
Field test

The execution of the testing activities was a necessary prerequisite in order to introduce the product line within the European market and the results were shared to the sales force of Carlini and the market operators. In addition to that, the results can be used to demonstrate the absolute competitiveness of Ascenso in terms of performance, with a main advantage represented by a reduced fuel consumption on the field. 

The fuel consumption tests were made with a John Deere 6250 tractor with a subsoiler and some flowmeter sensors were used as well: the results of these tests show that at the same speed and pressure conditions, the XLR series used in the right way shows a reduced fuel consumption of 2.6% and 4.76% when compared to competitors.

If we take into account an average tyre life span of 4000 hours a contractor can save 4.800 and 8.800 litres of fuel, which is an amount of money between 6.000 and 10.850 euros.

Even the calculations made by Uncai, unione contoterzisti, show the importance of agro fuel consumption control, the price of which has an impact on production costs of 12% when considering light agricultural operations and up to 35% when considering the heaviest ones.

Excellent performances in every working conditions and a both marked and provable saving of fuel consumption in comparison to other brands represent the value proposition of the Agro product line of Ascenso.

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