The changeovers of agricultural wheels

With the passing of time the agricultural tyre market is becoming more and more competitive: new brands, acquisitions and integrations are both changing and lengthening the offer. What about the changeovers of agricultural wheels?

These solutions are increasingly taken into account within the agricultural market. The changeovers are influenced by different needs, some of them are related to the type of usage, for example a road use (duration and fuel saving) or a field use (traction and soil compaction), others are related to the type of crop, to the type of agricultural operation or to the type of soil.

The changeovers give the chance to optimize the various agricultural operations in order to obtain an increased productivity and a standardized quality of the final product, for instance by reducing the soil compaction or using less water. In fact, nowadays the prices of every good and service are increasing and the customer is searching for a product which guarantees, aside from the prestige of the brand, good-enough performances for his/her needs, with a competitive price in terms of Running Cost (duration, traction, fuel saving and other characteristics). As a consequence it is fundamental to choose the right changeover with the right tyre: changeovers for tractivity, for the road use, for both dry and wet soils, for the number of hours per year and so on.

Today’s market of changeovers is growing since the tractor manufacturers are trying to standardize as much as they can the tyre sizes equipped on the new agricultural machineries, as a consequence there is a growing demand of these services coming from tractor dealers and final customers (farms/contractors).

Is there an adequate offer? Are there some businesses which are prepared to satisfy the needs of the customers or the requests have no answer? Today’s market of changeovers is managed by very few businesses, mostly local and well-trained but not always able to satisfy all the needs of the customers. Other types of businesses such as the tyre distributors or the tyre manufacturers are focussed on different objectives and have difficulties in finding solutions since there is a lack of expertise.

In general, the services related to both the changeovers and the management of tyres will become increasingly important within the market, with innovative solutions even in terms of new technologies, such as the use of sensors, which can be applied on the agricultural wheel (sensor technology).

A correct management of both the tyre and agricultural wheel is in fact fundamental to guarantee the business profitability. An accurate analysis must be made to understand how to optimize the performances of a product, for instance in terms of consumption, slippage and various other factors. A both constantly available and broad multi-brand offer could be the best choice for both the wholesaler, in order to offer to the customer the right product for the right usage, and the final customer, who is sure to get the best possible solution.

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