The agricultural tyre tests

The Provana Group business, third generation of the Provana businesses, offers, among its available agricultural services, the possibility to organize tests for both tyre and agricultural machinery manufacturers. The tests can be performed on the road and in the field, with the availability of different internal and external locations all linked to the main premises in Izano, a small village in the Italian province of Cremona. The Group offers tracks and agricultural land for the various tests (more than 10 hectares are available); it is also possible to benefit from a modern centre which can be used as base for testing activities and courses.

For the various tests it is mandatory the set up of sensors and data acquisition systems both on complete wheels and on agricultural machineries according to the different situations. As a consequence the assessment of the behaviour of a tractor requires non-standard equipments and wirings. Leane International, a business focussed on the sale of sensors and electronic equipments for industry and research, has been providing to the Provana Group business the necessary equipment in terms of data acquisition and electronics, and has been collaborating in the development and set up of field tests. Different test methodologies and data analysis tools are in a state of constant development based on the experience on both the Provana Group and Leane International businesses.

The tests performed in the latest two years have been related to road tests, such as the rolling resistance and fuel consumption ones, and field-based tests, such as the tyre traction and slippage ones. The main focus of these activies has been the measurement of the Rolling Circumferences of tyres and the Mechanical Lead of the tractor, which give the opportunity to understand the right match between the rear/front tyres when considering specific load and pressure conditions.

To measure all parameters the businesses have been relying on an equipment which comprised gpss, encoders and data acquisition systems all connected to a computer powered by an ad-hoc software, and on precise measurement procedures. Customized reports are the result of all acquired data.

The tests for the agricultural tyre of the future

The partnership between the Provana Group and Leane International contributes to the development of both the tyre and the agricultural machinery of the future with the help of sophisticated equipments and methodologies. The tyre data acquisition is in fact fundamental to comprehend the performances of the tyre of a specific tyre producer in relation to its competitors, both with the help of subjective (opinion of the driver) and objective (equipments) assessments, and with the combined experience of the Provana Group (agricultural machineries) and Leane (dinamic vehicle tests) businesses.

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