Which player will sell the agro tyres in the future?

The aftermarket purchase and sale of agricultural tyres has been evolving during the latest years and now different solutions are available.

The tyre producer, which sells to both tyre wholesalers and tyre dealers, has started selling directly to tractor manufacturers through its tractor dealers. At the same time, even the tyre wholesaler, both multi-product and agro, diversifies its activities, targeting also the tractor dealers.

Another sales solution is offered through the tyre dealer, which is the main actor when selling tyres to farms and contractors. In this case, we distinguish between the trusted tyre dealer and the tyre specialist. The trusted tyre dealer is geographically close to its customers and it is mainly specialized in car-truck tyres whereas the tyre specialist is a type of dealer which is almost completely focused on agro tyres and complete wheels. The tyre specialist is not geographically widespread but it is able to offer specific solutions to agricultural businesses, for instance when dealing with changeovers. As a consequence, the tyre specialist becomes a consultant with lots of expertise. In general, we can affirm that for the tyre dealer it is mandatory to become a specialist, in order to formulate a service which is different from what is offered today. In practical terms we are not just talking about a 24/7 service: the focus is a 360 degrees consultancy.

We also consider the online sales option: nowadays it is possible to buy tyres, rims and complete wheels, thanks to different platforms. Considering the automotive sector, today it is possible to sell cars directly to online customers and it also possible for customers to buy products and services easily on the Internet.  In the future it will certainly be possible to buy both agricultural tyres and machineries-related services digitally. In fact, when considering a sale aspect the role of the tractor dealer changes and it is increasingly focused on services. Nowadays the tractor dealer sells tractors along with complete wheels, a solutions which is inspired to the automotive sector.

In any case, whatever the purchases/sales solutions are, the role of the consultant is fundamental within the agricultural sector. In fact, it represents a key role, given the broad choice of both tyres and brands, and offers the opportunity to formulate the right solutions to its customers, whoever the customer is, a farm, a contractor or a tractor dealer. The right solution is obtained after important economic indicators are carefully considered, such as the Running Cost and the Hourly Cost of agro tyres.   

The fact that Italy presents a large number of independent dealers compared to countries abroad, where the aftermarket sales are managed by important wholesalers with several stores, represents another critical element which must be considered. This vast number of independent dealers results both in a lack of synergy between the different businesses and in the difficulty to manage a warehouse stock in order to offer a solution for every product.

Provana Group gives a solution to be competitive and offers alternatives to choices such as the online sales or other alternatives, which are mainly based on a price factor. Provana group is a business which provides consultancy and training services to become a specialist and to offer a technical support for premium tyres, rims and complete wheels.

The training offered by Provana Group is targeted at wholesalers, tyre dealers and tractor dealers. Provana Group offers its competencies and its tools to assess the value of the agro tyres, both in terms of technological evolution when compared to agricultural machineries and coherence when dealing with the need of agricultural firms to reduce the Running Cost.

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