Tractor Wheel Size and Rolling Resistance

Among the various factors which influence the Running Cost we must also take into account the Rolling Resistance and the tractor wheel size (tyre dimensions), which are both important in determining the fuel comsumption and cost of an agricultural machinery.

The Rolling Resistance

If we consider the Rolling Resistance, which can be defined as the traction effort, we can say that it is one of the factors which influences the most the fuel consumption linked to tyres and the fuel consumption efficiency.

Tyres inflated at a pressure which is correct show a less relevant rolling resistance when compared with tyres inflated at a pressure which is not correct. This means that if a tyre with a correct pressure is equipped less energy would be needed to move the machinery, as a consequence less fuel would be required; instead, tyres which are inflated at a pressure which is not correct cause an increased energy consumption resulting in a increased fuel consumption.

Even other factors can determine the rolling resistance, such as the type of technology used to produce the tyre (for instance look at the differences between a radial tyre and a crossply tyre).

The tractor wheel size (tyres dimensions)

The use of different sizes (dimensions) when matching the tyres to an agricultural machinery determines the fuel comsumption of an agricultural machinery. In fact if we change the tyre pairing of a tractor we can obtain a remarkable fuel saving (lt/h). This generates a remarkable economical saving (the tractor user can save thousands of euros over time). It becomes thus fundamental to choose the right tyre according to use.

Thanks to this post we have seen that two technical characteristics such as the Rolling resistance and the Tractor Wheel size (dimensions of the tyre) can influence the Running Cost of the agricultural machinery, in addition to other aspects which have already been analyzed such as the Tyre pressure and the Mechanical Lead and Rolling Circumference ones. Please Contact us if you want to get more information and ask for our consultancy!

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