TPMS, connectivity and downtimes within the agro sector

The use of agro TPMS and connectivity for agricultural machinery maintenance will become essential to avoid or reduce at minimum the downtimes of agricultural machineries. In fact, the different tyre sizes, the different brands and the different technical characteristics combined with the specifics of the rims result in a h24 service which becomes more and more complex.

If we consider both the farms and the contractors the machineries/convoys downtimes are today very onerous, also in terms of time. As a consequence it is necessary to offer a good technical solutions to prevent these problems.

On the basis of different studies, after many tests, the tyre damages caused by bad maintenance and a wrong choice of tyres represent more than 70% of the tyre damages during the whole life cycle of the tyre.

The evolution of TPMS (agro connectivity) will give the possibility to control and plan the maintenance in order to avoid damages and to optimize the tyre wear, the fuel consumption and the mechanical components. It becomes essential to develop prototypes of innovative technical solutions related to the “complete wheel system”.

Connectivity is already available on tractors and the agricultural market presents a number of variables which is increasingly complex. As a consequence it is necessary to create a sinergy between the tractor (CANBUS), the tyre and the rim (tpms and agro connectivity).

The importance of connectivity of the “smart complete wheel” will give the possibility to control variables such as temperature, pressure, mechanical lead, tyre life cycle and how the tyre wear behaviour influences the mechanics of the agricultural machinery.

The Hourly Cost and the Running Cost

The data obtained gives the opportunity to choose the right tyre or the most performing size according to the type of agricultural operation; the data also helps to define the correct hourly cost/running cost.

Considering all these aspects Provana offers a course catalogue made for various customers such as tyre/tractor manufactures, tyre/tractor dealers, a database which can be accessed online, a software to calculate the mechanical lead and a configurator which is set to be launched in the near future. Here follows the course catalogue which is offered at the moment:

Safety courses for agricultural machineries;

Tractor dealers;

Tyre dealers;

Tyre users;

Tractor manufactures;

Tyre manufacturers.

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