The importance of tyres over fuel consumption: the Running Cost of the tractor

During the day-to-day management of a farm the Running Cost of a tractor is a key factor. What do we mean with Running Cost? First of all when we analyze the Running Cost the tyres used are a key factor in defining the fuel cost of an agricultural machinery. The cost is represented by two important points:

  • The Fuel cost of machinery, which represents an important cost and could result into tens of thousands of euros considering, for instance, a life cycle of thousands of hours. In fact the contractor or the farmer does not often realize that its agricultural machinery can have a cost of many euros per hour;
  • The hourly cost of tyres depending on which, for example, the choice between premium and non premium tyres causes a marked difference in terms of total Running Cost.

When we talk about the Running Cost we mean a hourly cost: the life cycle of a tractor is measured through the hour counter so through the hours of effective use of the machinery. When we consider the Running Cost we also take into account the road use and we presume there is a correct use of the agricultural machinery by the driver.

The importance of tyres in defining the Running Cost

As we can note from the definition of Running Cost the tyres represent a key factor in determining the total costs, and in addition to the tyre cost both the characteristics and management of the tyre itself influence the other factor, the fuel cost.

When considering this last point the key factors related to the tyre which we are going to analyze in the following posts are the following:

  • Rolling circumference and mechanical lead
  • Rolling resistance
  • Load management
  • Pressure
  • Tyre size

We must consider that even the tractor has specific technical characteristics as, for instance, the transmission mechanical gear: this influences the choice of a correct pairing between rear and front tyres. Even this aspect is going to be analyzed in the following posts. To summarize what has been said about the Running Cost we show you a scheme.

We conclude this post saying that it would be appropriate to organize a course for tractor drivers about the correct management of the Running Cost of agricultural machinery. Contact us for more information!

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