The farm costs. The Bridgestone eBook

The Bridgestone eBook “The essential role of the tyre in cost saving” describes how the tyre is a key factor when dealing with farm costs. The book deals with key themes such as the tyre size, the transmission of power to the ground, the soil preservation, the equipment settings and the road use. Here follows a brief description of the various section:

Description of each section

Tyre size

Within the section “Tyre size” it is shown the possibility of adopting tre precautions: the respect of preponderance to improve traction, the right choice of a tyre according to the work which is being carried out, the importance of checking if the original tyre mount is adapted to your needs.

The transmission of power to the ground

Within the section “Transmission of power to the ground” there is a description of the engine power and the tractive force, a description of the importance of reducing the engine speed and finally there is an explanation of the adjustment of tyre pressure.

Soil preservation

Within the section “Soil preservation” different key points are considered: the soil as a deformable compound which reacts to the tractor mass, the soil compaction and the agronomic consequences and the increase of the tyre footprint to decrease compaction.

Equipment setting

Within the section “Equipment setting” is carried out an analysis about the importance of checking the front axle to avoid abnormal tyre wear, about the correct calibration of the tool to optimise performance and about the correct distribution of the load on the tractor axles.

Road use

Within the section “Road use” three key points are being analyzed: the tyre wear during road transport, the road comfort which protects your health and the importance of satisfying comfort requirements and limit wear by using a suitable tyre.

Farm costs: the eBook

Download the Bridgestone eBook about farm costs and tyres

The book is well written and full of technical explanations. The aim of the eBook is to show how a correct management of the tyre guarantees a considerable saving over the course of time. It is possible to download the eBook at this link.

It is also possible to follow the blog of Bridgestone at this link: the blog helps, according to the tyre producer, “to get the best out of your fields”. Happy reading!

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