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Provana Group: achieved results and 2024 projects

Provana Group, independent service company within the agricultural tyres sector, analyses its offer around two years from its foundation.

In 2022 and 2023 the Group carried out different testing activities both on the road and in the field according to the requests of Bridgestone, Firestone, Ascenso, Vredestein, Prometeon, Maxam, John Deere and Deutz. Different tests were organised using both Fendt and New Holland tractors equipped with Michelin, BKT, Trelleborg and Alliance tyres.

An important business project was also developed in order to launch a new TITAN rim profile, for the replacement market, which makes the tyre mounting easier.

Provana Group - Training

If we consider the training activities different courses and seminars were organized both for tyre producers such as Prometeon and Continental and for Italian tyre distributors such as Intergomma, Rigomma and Agrotyre. Technical training sessions were also organised both for tyre resellers and final users.

Another important activity which was carried out was the InterWheel project, an Intergomma SpA brand which offers the supply of the complete wheel (tyre+rim), for which the Provana Group offers a consultancy service, a technical support for rims and changeovers and training services for the salespeople of Intergomma.

2024: a year full of news

Following these projects, the year 2024 seems interesting as well. The Group plans on focusing first of all on tests (including market tests), also in response to the requests of tyre producers which are investing in order to enter the agricultural market.

The Provana Group expects these tests to be focused on brand-new tyres (tyre circumference and rolling resistance, comfort/handling, rim slippage, self-cleaning, traction on the field, fuel consumption) but other performances need to be monitored, ex. the ones linked to the tyre wear.

Another aim of 2024 is the sale of tyres based on the Hourly Cost. In fact, after 3 years of activities with device-based tests which focused on the consumption of both tyres and fuel, the Provana Group has recently started a new project in order to manage the costs of an agro business, the Hourly Cost sale for both contractors and users with tractors that cover around 1500 hours per year. This Hourly Cost offer is expected to be based on euros and relies on the continuous monitoring of the correct pressure of tyres via tyre pressure monitor systems (tpms), in order to guarantee a longer product lifespan and savings in terms of fuel consumption.

Provana Group - Training

Another focus of this year is the training offer, which aims to explain to course participants how to choose the right tyres based on their performances, the agricultural operation, the type of soil and the power of the tractor; how to use the tyre in the right way to reach the end of the product life cycle.

When considering the sales courses offer the Provana Group considers the topic of sales in terms of solutions, not in terms of brand as a method to reduce costs. The Running Cost is analysed as well, the purchase price does not have to be the main decision factor and other aspects have to be considered such as the tyre performances, the wear of the tyre, the fuel consumption and lastly the duration of the carcass over time (in order to avoid costs and machine downtimes). These factors are fundamental in influencing the Running Costs.

In addition to these activities the Provana Group is going present on its website the price list of used agricultural tyres, in order to set a value of the used tyre within a market which is certainly important. The price list is going to be divided into two categories, Premium and Budget.

In the first quarter of 2024 the Provana Group plans on resuming its Provana Agri Day event, an event focused on both contractors and farms which is based on topics related to agriculture (tyres and agricultural machineries). This year’s edition is expected to talk about the Running Cost, the choice of tyres (brands and dimensions) and their correct use in order to reduce emissions and guarantee a correct soil compaction.

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