Farm tyres: the Hourly Cost of the tyre

When it is necessary to use an agricultural machinery – especially a tractor – to perform different processes during the year the choice of the correct tyre pairing with the related tyre cost is paramount. According to this last point a new way to understand and sell farm tyres is represented by the Hourly Cost, since the hour represents the fundamental unit of measure in determining the life cycle of a tractor. In fact within the cabin of a tractor we find the hour counter which measures with precision the number of effective working hours of the tractor (in other words when the tractor is into motion): this gives us the possibility not only to manage the machinery mainteinance in the most effective way but also the chance to calculate the hourly cost of tyres.

The technical characteristics of the farm tyre

The Hourly Cost of tyres is expressed in €/h and can be calculated in various ways. In fact we can calculate a hourly cost for a pairing of front and rear tyres of a tractor as well as a set of farm tyres for a tractor and a slurry tank. The price of a certain pairing of tyres is determined by a series of factors, in fact every tyre differentiates itself for some technical characteristics such as the tyre compound or the tyre design. These specifics confer to the tyre performances of a certain type, either on the field or on the road.

Farm tyre in action

In this sense the brand of the tyre sums up the technical characteristics of the product and it is possible to buy a premium farm tyre or a cheaper option. The choice of an alternative option is a choice that can represent a significant saving when buying a tyre but also presents some disadvantages. For instance, a shorter tyre life over time with the consequent need to replace the tyre earlier.  Since the budget tyre usually presents a lower quality the product can also present premature wears and an increased fuel consumption.

As a general rule the purchase of a tyre instead of another one must be related not only to its cost but also to its performances such the cost of fuel, which is influenced by the tyre or its durability over time.

An example of the Hourly Cost of farm tyres

To illustrate the idea of Hourly Cost we show you a table related to two tyre sets offered for a tractor.

In the example above we can notice a similar Hourly Cost but we need to take into account a different duration of the tyres, the choice of a premium tyre causes a higher cost but also an increased duration of the tyre over time (5000 hours) whereas the tyre which presents an inferior quality must be replaced earlier despite being cheaper (4000 hours).

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