Air pressure in a tractor tyre and Running Cost

Air pressure in a tractor tyre is another important factor when managing the tyre and the Running Cost of a farm. A correct inflation pressure guarantees, for instance, an high level of comfort, an homogeneous wear of the tyre tread and an adequate adherence related to field conditions.

In addition to that, a correct pressure limits soil compaction (when air and water do not circulate within the ground properly). On the other hand when the tyre pressure is too high it can cause, for instance, comfort issues, a reduced adhrence and a single lug overload. A pressure which is too low causes an excessive strain of the carcass, an increased fuel consumption and a bad road grip when specific equipment is used.

Air pressure in tractor tyre - Manometer

Air pressure in a tractor tyre: why is it important?

Why is the pressure of agricultural tyres important when the Running Cost of a farm is calculated? It is crucial because pressure influences the fuel consumption of an agricultural machinery. An increased pressure could for instance cause a reduced consumption of litres per hour: as a consequence, if we apply different pressures a considerable saving over a defined time span is obtained.

As a consequence it is necessary not only to choose the correct front-rear tyre pairing related, for instance, to the rolling circumferences but also to inflate the tyres at the right pressure, procedure which requires a time investment of minutes. By doing so not only good performances are guaranteed but also from an economic point of view a cost optimization is obtained. In addition to that from a technological point of view the tyres give the opportunity to work , thanks to product innovations such as the IF (Increased Flexion) or VF (Very High Flexion), at a lower pressure with the same load (or with the same pressure with an increased load). Therefore the right pressure is a concept which is in constant evolution.

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