Agricultural wheel: our consultancy

Who we are

With the first post we present the website of the Provana Group. The Provana Group is a holding company which focuses on the agricultural field: the services offered span from a consultancy specialized into the correct use of the “wheel system” to the development of prototypes, patents, products and innovative services which can be applied to different sectors.

The Group – the evolution of the experiences of a group of businesses and freelancers – was born in 2021 and its organization chart is structured as follows:

The consultancy service for the agricultural wheel - Organization chart

What the website is about

The website is going to focus on our current projects (for instance, our innovation activities) but also on new products, events, reviews and more both within and outside the agricultural field. Here are some examples of our posts:

  • eBooks, for instance guides for the correct use of the agricultural tyre;
  • Case studies based on consultacy services offered to key businesses;
  • Reports of tests which take place at our premises;
  • Innovations of our businesses/freelancers but also innovations which are created within the market;
  • Reviews of new products available on the market;
  • National and International industry events (for instance fairs but also webinars).

In particular, the added value of this website is the offering of a consultancy at the forefront of the industry, a consultancy which relies on the skills of a team of people of proven experience within the market. Our specific competencies are related to aspects such as the identification of the correct set of tyres according to their use or the organization of ad hoc courses (for instance technical courses for machinery users). We also organize innovative testing and R&D activities with new devices to measure the tyres’ parameters. Finally we focus on other activities such as the research of new crops and their cultivation technologies.

With our weekly updates we are going to make you aware of the new trends of our industry and we are going to offer an agricultural wheel consultancy on the basis of the customers’ request. In the meanwhile we invite you to follow not only the website but also our socials to not miss our news.

See you at the next post!

Daniele Provana

Sales, Marketing&Training Consultant

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