Agricultural tyre load, Convergence and Camber

We conclude the list of aspects which determine the Running Cost of an agricultural machinery – the sum of the fuel cost of the machinery and the hourly cost of the tyres – by analyzing the importance of the Loads applied (the agricultural tyre load) and the Convergence and Camber. In fact, a correct load management and a correct wheel alignment are fundamental in guaranteeing an effective cost management of both the machinery and the farm.

Considering the Loads applied, a correct load management is fundamental when we use a machinery and an agricultural tyre. If we take into account that an agricultural tyre can sustain a defined load at certain pressure conditions, a correct use of both the tractor and the tractor – agricultural machinery/tractor – trailer combinations (convoys) results in a good command of the machinery on the road, an effective fuel consumption and an even tyre wear. On the other side if the load applied on the machinery is not well distributed an increased and uneven wear over time is caused, in addition to that there could be problems of road handling and a fuel consumption which could be potentially much greater, excessive. There could be problems related to the mechanical organs (traction problems) as well.

A ballasted tractor
A ballasted tractor

The importance of Convergence and Camber along with Agricultural tyre load

Considering the Convergence and Camber if these parameters do not fit with what is expected by manufacturers a series of problems arise such as an uneven wear and convoy instabilities. A tyre wear which is not optimal causes a premature and uneven tyre wear, an increased fuel consumption (overall increase of the Running Cost) and a reduced tyre’s life cycle length. Considering this latest case the result is an overall increase of the Running Cost since the tyres must be replaced earlier.

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